Friday, July 1, 2011

On Boardwalk's Edge, Lake Michigan

 These images were taken a few weeks ago on the boardwalk between North Avenue and Oak Street Beaches.  This guy is facing east as the sun is setting behind him.  I couldn’t resist taking this shot because it illustrates how small we are in this large world that we live in.  I think a lot of locals come to the lakefront, particularly during a weekday, to get away from the congestion of daily city living.  Chicago gives you the best of both worlds, you can be alone in your thoughts staring into Lake Michigan while at the same time being just steps away from downtown. You wouldn't know it, but there were actually dozens of people walking by at the time.  As any good photographer does, I kept my patience and waited for clearance. 


  1. Love your photos! (But the grammar Nazi would correct the your to you're.)

  2. What would life be if we couldn't find some solitude... nicely captured.

  3. Thank you both. Charlotte - Thanks for that, sometimes my mind isn't able to catch up with my fingers when typing 90 WPM. Madge - Agreed - a little chaos mixed with solitude is ideal :)