Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chicago Remembers September 11th

Steel Symbols, Ground Zero, July 2010

New York Crane, Ground Zero, July 2010

Progress, Ground Zero, July 2010

Reconstruction, One World Trade Center - Freedom Tower, August 2011

Through a Second Story Window, Ground Zero, August 2011

On September 11, 2001 I was a 21 year old college student living in my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I woke up to a phone call from a friend of mine a little after 9:30a.  He told me two planes hit the Twin Towers in New York.  A few weeks earlier myself and two buddies of mine moved in to house that we were renting for a year.  The cable had not been hooked up yet and the regular network stations on the TV had horrible reception.  Luckily I had a radio on my CD player, so I immediately turned it on.

I learned of the events of 9/11, as most Americans learned of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 – listening to the radio.  I remember being extremely moved by the voice and words of Peter Jennings as he was reporting the events live.  I also remember experiencing feelings and emotions that I had never felt prior to that day.  I think it was the feeling of uncertainty that I felt on that day that still resonates with me. 
To view some extraordinary images from September 11th and the days that followed, please visit the websites of Photojournalist Peter Turnley and FEMA Photographer Andrea Booher.   
Photographer Mark Faram photographed the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11.  The New York Times has put together a slideshow from the memorial of the victims of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.


  1. We Will Never Forget ~ 09.11.2001, may God bless us as we heal from this American tragedy.

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  3. Well said - we must mourn those Americans who lost their lives on that unexpected day.