Thursday, May 26, 2011

AC Miller Photography is Live!

Alright folks, the website has gone public, finally! It has been months in the making due to the heavy tweaking and prolonged procrastination.  Like my life, it will be a continuous work in progress.  I am going to consider the site in its infancy period with a grand vision for what it can and will become.  I need to give a special thanks to the Chicago Photography Center for my raffle-winning night during the open house, Smugmug for providing an excellent web hosting service, and Adrienne with JR Customization for her superior skills in web design.  And, especially to all of my family, friends, and numerous acquaintances who inspire me everyday and without this site would be meaningless.  To be directed to AC Miller Photography just click on the image above or be redirected here,


  1. Gorgeous night shot! Congratulations on your new website.

  2. Thanks Hilda, plenty more to come.