Sunday, May 1, 2011

Milton Olive Park

I've been living in the city for almost 3 years now and there still new stones to be unturned.  The other day I took the bike down the Lake Shore Trail and discovered Milton Olive Park.  Down the path and to the left are stellar views of the city along the lake.  I have a feeling I'll be back here soon.  Milton L. Olive III was an army solider and Medal of Honor recipient from Chicago who died in the Vietnam War in 1964 at the age of 18.  He sacrificed his life by smothering a live grenade which saved those around him.


  1. Absolutely a beautiful photo and post. Fitting tribute and view for Milton.

  2. Thank you Regina, stay tuned. My website should be finished within the next week and I'm including some more photos from this view. Milton Olive lived such a short life to have such a great legacy.

  3. the 2nd with the skyline is simply amazing

  4. Milton Olive Park is definitely a hidden gem (I knew the park forever but only stumbled on the monument with the story of Private Olive last fall.) Wait 'til you get further south on the Lakefront path. So less congested ;)

    You know, I've lived hear my whole life - a handful of years more than 3 ;) - and I'm STILLLLLLLLL overturning new stones.