Monday, January 31, 2011

Becoming a Better Photographer

Yesterday the Chicago Tribune photographers hosted an event titled "TribU: Becoming a Better Photographer."  The topics included sports and street photography, videography, and using social networking to increase your viewer base (i.e. Your Daily Dose of Chicago :)  The presentations were led by the very best in photojournalism, Chris Walker, Scott Strazzante, Alex Garcia, and William DeShazer.  Chris Walker also provided yours truly with a portfolio review which turned out well enough to write home about!  Since my current 9 to 5 does not encompass photography, it's always great meeting the elite professionals working in the field in the best city in the world.  A special thanks to everyone involved who put the event together, it was worth every penny!  Now I just need to turn all of that great advice into exceptional photography.

After receiving some new found inspiration, I decided to walk home instead of redlinin' or cabbin' it.  I wasn't completely satisfied with what I came up with yesterday, but there were a few that were post worthy. 

As I was leaving I took a peak out of the window and noticed my dentist's office across the street.  I'd like to give a shout out to Dr. Hayley Shealy and the staff at the Magnificent Smile (yes, on the Magnificent Mile).  Ironically, I have an appointment this week.

I realized that the intersection of Grand and State has been under construction for at least 3 years now...

but after peering through the green mesh gate it became obvious that the construction woes are probably due to the complications of life underground.  I'm now wondering if the Rock Bottom Brewery rooftop has scenic views to the city's core.

Restaurant Bar, River North
Weber Grill Chef, River North
J's Dawg, Gold Coast

Vets, Gold Coast

I took a short-cut through Washington Square Park and by that time the wind had picked up and the temperature seemed by dropping by the minute.  The lack of park goers and dog walkers drew my attention to the clever sign above.  Was the white-tape artist a drunk college student or simply a lover of pigeons?

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