Friday, January 7, 2011

Urban View 1 of 6: Alleyways

The Minneapolis Photo Center is hosting an exhibit titled “Urban View/Rural Sight: Documenting a Sense of Place” with the work of both amateur and professional photographers.  As a lover of urban environments, I decided to choose several images that encompassed my urban view.  Living up to the definition of a true procrastinator, I wasn’t able to finish by the deadline.  Since the exhibit opens today I’ve decided to show the images that I would have submitted for the competition.  I was able to narrow my selection to 6 photos that depict urban views of Chicago from various perspectives.  But instead I'll include 12 photos, 2 for the next 6 days.  Here's the contest description...

“When artists think about place, whether it be rural or urban, they often think of it as a point of departure.  One path may lead deeper into the site and its character, a sense artists want to absorb and express.  Another path may lead away, beginning its course from connections that originated there.  Perhaps a third is more fantastical, one suggested by the unexpected, yet significant, connections that the imagination creates.  All of these ways are journeys and explorations that do not feel complete until they are shared.”
Loop Alley, Washington to Madison

Loop Alley, Dearborn to State

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